Potato Association of America

Honorary Life Membership

2019-2020 Committee Members

Committee Chair: Rich Novy [Past President 2019]
Kent McCue [President]
Mark Pavek [Vice President]
Roy Navarre [Director 2020]
Helen Tai [Director 2020]
Jeff Miller [Director 2021]
Jonathan Whitworth [Director 2021]
Dennis Halterman [Director 2022]
Addie Waxman [Director 2022]
Shelley Jansky [Past President 2018]
Mike Thornton [Past President 2017]

This committee shall be composed of the President, Vice-Presidents, Immediate Past President, the five Directors, and the two most recent Past Presidents. The Immediate Past President shall serve as chair of the committee. This committee will receive and review the nominations submitted for Honorary Life Memberships each year.

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