COMMITTEE DESCRIPTION                 CHAIR                                                   MEMBER(S)

Constitution & Bylaws KENT MCCUE
800 Buchanan Street
Albany, CA 94710
Phone: 208-397-4181
Mike Thornton
Loretta Mikitzel
Andy Jensen
Editorial Board SAMUEL ESSAH 
Rodney Cooper (Entomology)
Jeanne Debons (Cover Editor)
Samuel Essah (Production & Management)
Gina Greenway (Economics)
Dennis Halterman (Plant Protection)
Kathy Haynes (Statistical Consultant)
Shelley Jansky (Invited Reviews)
Hector Lozoya-Saldana (Spanish Translator Ed)
Kent McCue (Physiology)
Roy Navarre (Physiology)
Rich Novy (Cultivar Descriptions)
Silvia Rondon (Entomology)
Sagar Vidyasagar (Breeding & Genetics)
Kiwamu Tanaka (Plant Protection)
Richard Veilleux (Breeding & Genetics)
Jonathan Whitworth (Pathology)
Endowment Fund / Finance Committee BRET NEDROW, Chair
Sr Mgr, J.R. Simplot Co.-ID Reg Raw Mgr
1099 Front Street
P.O. Box 9386
Caldwell, ID 83702-3386 USA
Phone: 208-780-8835
Larry Hiller, Treasurer
Rich Novy-PE 2018
Shelley Jansky, P 2018
Mike Thornton, Immediate PP 2017      Loretta Mikitzel, PP 2016
Executive Committee RICH NOVY, 2019 President Kent F. McCue-VP I
Mark Pavek-VP II
Carrie Huffman Wholeb-Sec
Larry Hiller-Treasurer
Shelley Janksy-PP 2018
Andre Gagnon-Dir 2019
Mark Pavek-Dir 2018
Paul Bethke-Dir 2019
Roy Navarre-Dir 2020
Helen Tai-Dir 2020
Angela Richardson-Administrator
Frank L Haynes Graduate Student Research Award Competition PAUL BETHKE
USDA ARS Vegetable Crops Research Unit UW
Department of Horticulture
1575 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706  USA
Phone: 608-890-1165
Fax: 608-262-4743
Dennis Halterman
Helen Tai
Nathan Butler
Ken Frost
Jonathan Whitworth
Honorary Life Membership Mike Thornton                      Parma Research and Extension Center                                        29603 U of I Lane                 Parma, ID 83660                  Phone: 208-722-6701 ext 211 Shelley Jansky [Pres 2018]
Rich Novy [PE 2018]
Kent McCue [VP 2018]
Andre Gagnon [Dir 2018]
Mark Pavek [Dir 2018]
Paul Bethke [Dir 2019]
Helen Tai [Dir 2020]
Roy Navarre [Dir 2020]                          Loretta Mikitzel [PP 2016]
Global Outreach Committee (formally International Relations Committee) HECTOR LOZOYA-SALDANA
Dept De Fitotecnia
Univ Auto Chapingo
Apt Postal 33, Chapingo
St. Mexico  56230  MEXICO
Phone: 52-595-21500
Rob Davidson
Sam Essah
Peter Vander Zaag
Local Arrangements Committee[2018
NORA OLSEN              University of Idaho                  3806 N 3600 E                 Kimberly, ID 83341-5076

BRET NEDROW                    1099 Front Street
P.O. Box 9386
Caldwell, ID 83702-3386

Local Arrangements Committee Advisory RICH NOVY, PE 2018   ARS USDA Potato Gen & Breeding
Univ of Idaho
1693 S 2700 W
Aberdeen, ID 83210 USA
Phone: 208-397-4181
Fax: 208-397-4311
Gary Secor [ND-2017]                                                         Dave Douches [MI-2016]
Leigh Morrow [ME-2015]
Membership KENT MCCUE, VP, 2018
800 Buchanan Street
Albany, CA 94710
Phone: 208-397-4181
Robert Gareau
Dave Douches                                               Bret Nedrow                                                Jeff Bragg
Nominations [Exec Comm] MIKE THORNTON, PP 2017, Chair                                      Parma Research and Extension Center                                       29603 U of I Lane                   Parma, ID 83660                   Phone: 208-722-6701 ext 211 Loretta Mikitzel [P-2016]                            Andy Jensen [P-2015]
Nora Olsen  [P-2014]
Leigh Morrow [P-2013]
Outreach [Website] ANDY ROBINSON
Dept of Plant Scs, Loftsgard Hall
NDSU Dept 7670, P.O. Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050 USA
Phone: 701-231-8732
Dennis Halterman
Kent McCue
Angela Richardson-PAA
Potato Variety Handbook ROB DAVIDSON
Dept of Horticulture & LA, CSU
205 Shepardson Bldg
Ft Collins, CO 80528-1173 USA
Phone: 970-491-7745
Don Halseth
Susie Thompson
Jeff Bragg
Program (Annual meeting) CARRIE HUFFMAN WOHLEB, PAA Secretary
Regional Veg Crops Specialists
WSU Extension
1525 E Wheeler Road
Moses Lake, WA 98837 USA
Phone: 509-754-2011 x4313
Fax: 509-754-0163
Andy Robinson (2017 LAC)
Gary Secor (2017 LAC)
Susie Thompson (2017 LAC)
P.O. BOX 6050   Fargo, ND 58109-6050
Phone: 701-231-8477
Gary Secor (ND- 2017)
Dave Douches (MI-2016)
Leigh Morrow (ME-2015)
Mark Pavek (WA-2014)
Regional Veg Crops Specialist
WSU Extension
1525 E Wheeler Road
Moses Lake, WA 98837 USA
Phone: 509-754-2011 x4313
Committee Member(s)
Samuel Essah, Dir 2016
Susie Thompson, Dir 2017
Bret Nedrow, Finance Chr & Endowment Fund
Larry Hiller, Treasurer
Kent McCue: Physiology Symposium, 2015
Dave Douches: B & G Symposium 2016
Nora Olsen: LAC 2018
Andy Houser: 2018 Symposium (proposed joint Plant Protection & Certification Sections) The tentative title is “Impact of Quarantined Pests on the Potato Industry”. Pam Hutchison will head the planning committee.
(Contact): 2019 Symposium (Utilization & Marketing)