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The American Journal of Potato Research (AJPR), formerly titled the American Potato Journal (APJ), is a  premier outlet for reporting of scientific advances on the potato. The AJPR is recognized internationally by contributors and readers. View the current issue’s table of contents from our publisher, Springer.

The American Journal of Potato Research publishes reports of basic and applied research on potato (Solanum spp.). There are three general categories of publication:

  1. full-length articles describing original scientific research in the form of a regular publication;
  2. short communications concisely describing poignant and timely research results in four or fewer journal pages;
  3. review papers, book reviews and symposium proceedings.

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join-now2American Journal of Potato Research
Volume 96, Issue 4, 2019 – Pages 317-455

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Annual Report of the Potato Association of America… Pages 317-378


Major In Vitro Techniques for Potato Virus Elimination and Post Eradication Detections Methods. A Review

Huiling Gong, Clement Igiraneza, Leonce Dusengemungu… Pages 379-389

Original Paper

Germplasm with Resistance to Potato virus Y Derived from Solanum chocoense: Clones M19 (39-7_ and M2O (XD3)

Ana Cristina Fulladolsa, Amy Charkowski, Xingkui Cai…Pages 390-395

Original Paper

Responses of Favorita Potato Plantlets Cultured in Vitro under Fluorescent and Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Light Sources

Lili Jiang, Ziquan Wang, Guanghi Jin, Dianqui-Lu…Pages 396-402

Original Paper

Caffeic Acid and a-Chaconine Influence the Resistance of Potato Tuber to Phthorimaea operculella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

Daniela Pacifico, Sergio Musmeci…Pages 403-413

Original Paper

First Report of the Presence of Slugs in a Commercial Potato Storage Facility in the United States

Silvia L. Rondon, Daniel L. Thompson…Pages 414-418

Original Paper

Comparing Methods of Ploidy Estimation in Potat (Solanum) Species

Lydia J. Kramer, John Bamberg…Pages 419-426

Original Paper

Symptom Expression of Mainstream and Speciality Potato Cultivars to Bacterial Ring Rot (Clavibacter sepedonicus) and Evaluation of in-field Detection

Jonathan L. Whitworth, Rachel A. Selstedt…Pages 427-444

Correction to: Potatoes, Nutrition and Health

Katherine A. Beals…Page 445