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ORIGIN: Snowden was selected from a cross between B5141-6 x Wischip at the University of Wisconsin. It was tested as W855 and was named in 1990.

CHARACTERISTICS: Snowden is a full season variety with a vigorous and full vine growth. Stems are green and upright with a slight pubescence on the stems and leaves. Leaf surfaces are smooth, leaf tips are pointed and foliage color is a light green. Secondary leaflets are small and few in number.

Flower color is white with light yellow anthers. There are few flowers per cluster and under most conditions, no seed berries are produced. Stolons are long, prolific and tuber set is heavy.

Tubers are round, slightly flattened and the skin is slightly netted. Eyes are medium depth and at the stem attachment and apical end are somewhat deeper.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Snowden has a high specific gravity, above average yields and should be grown under irrigation, as needed. Snowden has a heavy set and requires a spacing of approximately 12 inches. Chip quality is very good and will produce an acceptable chip color from storage temperatures above 45. Storage quality is good. Scab susceptibility is similar to Atlantic.