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ORIGIN: Selected in New Brunswick, Canada from the progeny of a cross between Bake-King x F58050. It was released by Agriculture Canada-New Brunswick in 1980.

CHARACTERISTICS: A medium-late maturing variety with above average yields and is grown primarily for frozen french fry processing. It is widely grown in eastern Canada and the northern potato areas of the U.S.

Plants are medium sized and spreading with large medium green leaves. Leaflets are broadly ovate and overlapping. Flowers are numerous, light violet with white tips.

Tubers are oblong to long, with a smooth to lightly netted white skin and a white flesh. Eyes are medium deep and are most prevalent on the apical end. It sets tubers late; however, they size quickly. Tubers are uniform in size and percentage over 10 ounces is high.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Maturity is earlier than Russet Burbank allowing for earlier frozen processing. Specific gravity is medium to high and makes a very good french fry. Shepody is very susceptible to common scab, PVX and PVY. It is susceptible to early and late blight, Verticillium wilt and pink eye. Plants are tolerant to heat stress.