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ORIGIN: The origin of Irish Cobbler is not known. Several claims suggest it was first grown by Irish shoemakers in the northeastern U.S. It is believed to be found as a mixture in Early Rose seed tubers suggesting it was a sport of Early Rose. It was first reported in 1876.

CHARACTERISTICS: Irish Cobbler is a very early maturing variety that was widely grown. Eating quality is reputed to be very good.

Plants are medium in size, erect to spreading. Stems are thick to medium and are prominently angled. Nodes are slightly swollen and green, the internodes have a slight reddish-purple pigmentation. Wings are green, straight or occasionally slightly waved and are frequently double at the base of stems. Leaves have four pairs of primary leaflets which are medium in size and ovate. Flower color is lilac with white tips. Anthers are orange yellow and pollen is medium in abundance but of poor quality.

Tubers are round, medium to large in size with deep stem and apical ends. Lateral eye depth ranges from shallow to deep. Skin color is creamy white and texture is smooth. Flesh color is white.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: The major advantage of Irish Cobbler is its earliness. Another perceived advantage is the culinary quality. This variety is resistant to mild mosaic and immune from wart. The deep eyes and irregular shape of tubers have been the primary disadvantages.