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ORIGIN: First selected at USDA-Aberdeen, Idaho in 1977 from a cross of Butte x A6595-3. It was tested as A7411-2 and was released by the USDA, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Colorado in 1991.

CHARACTERISTICS: Ranger Russet is a full season variety which produces high yields of high quality, long, russet-skinned tubers which are slightly flattened. It is well suited for frozen processing and fresh market.

Plants are large and upright to spreading. Stems are thick, green which can be light brownish to light purple in full sun. Leaves are large, broad and medium green. Flowers are abundant. Buds are green with reddish-purple base and pedicel and moderate amount of short pubescence. Corolla is medium large, red-purple color and anthers are bright yellow.

Tuber skin is tannish brown and not scaly. Eyes are plentiful, moderately shallow to deep and well distributed. Dormancy is medium.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Ranger Russet is more resistant than Russet Burbank to Verticillium wilt, PVX, PVY, leafroll net necrosis and Fusarium dry rot. It is highly resistant to hollow heart. It produces higher U.S. No. 1 yields and specific gravity than Russet Burbank. It is susceptible to common scab and is more susceptible to blackspot bruise than Russet Burbank.