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ORIGIN: Frontier Russet was released in 1990 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Experiment Stations of Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Frontier Russet was selected at Aberdeen, Idaho and tested as A74114-4. It was selected in 1976 from the progeny of a cross between A66102-16 and WN330-1.

CHARACTERISTICS: Plants are medium-small, upright, moderately compact and of medium-early maturity. Stems are medium thick, green with light brownish-purple pigment and have swollen nodes. Wings are narrow, straight and inconspicuous. Leaves are long, narrow, medium green and open with three pairs of ovate leaflets with acuminate tips and round bases. Flowers are few, medium in size, white and have bright yellow anthers. Tubers are oblong to long, cylindrical with blocky ends and medium to light russet periderm. Flesh is white.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Frontier Russet has a medium-early maturity and produces moderately high yields of high quality tubers suited for baking and french frying at harvest. Tubers may have a high reducing sugar content out of storage, but have a low incidence of hollow-heart and blackspot, and are resistant to Fusarium dry rot. It is reported to be more resistant to Verticillium wilt than other early russets. Specific gravity is higher than Norgold Russet and Russet Norkotah. The tubers are susceptible to early blight.