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ORIGIN: Red Ruby was selected from the progeny of a cross between Bison x MN11.76-1. It was tested as MN13035 and released by the University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station and Department of Horticultural Science in 1994.

CHARACTERISTICS: Red Ruby is a mid-season red variety for the fresh market. It yields well and has excellent color.

Plants are medium large, upright and compact. Leaves are medium long and shiny; both top and bottom. Terminal leaflets are medium large, slightly cupped and lobed and dark green with pronounced veins. Petioles are reddish along the top vein. Buds are reddish and the petals are medium pink. The anthers are bright yellow with abundant and highly fertile pollen. The styles are two-lobed and without grooves.

Tubers are round to blocky and dark red. The skin is smooth but sometimes slightly netted.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Red Ruby has excellent color and good yields at mid-season. It is resistant to scab and moderately resistant to Verticillium wilt. It is highly resistant to internal defects, but susceptible to shatter bruise when cold. Because it sets heavily, it may be useful for the B’ market.