The American Journal of Potato Research (AJPR), formerly titled the American Potato Journal (APJ), is a  premier outlet for reporting of scientific advances on the potato. The AJPR is recognized internationally by contributors and readers. View the current issue’s table of contents from our publisher, Springer.

The American Journal of Potato Research publishes reports of basic and applied research on potato (Solanum spp.). There are three general categories of publication:

  1. full-length articles describing original scientific research in the form of a regular publication;
  2. short communications concisely describing poignant and timely research results in four or fewer journal pages;
  3. review papers, book reviews and symposium proceedings.

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join-now2American Journal of Potato Research
Volume 96, Issue 2, 2019 – Pages 95-215


Introduction to the Special Issue on the Nutritional Value of Potato

Shelley Jansky, Roy Navarre, John Bamberg… Pages 95 -97

Editorial Notes

A Chef’s Perspective on Potatoes and Diet

Leif Benson…Pages 98-99


Potato and Food Security in China

Wang Su, Jian Wang…Pages 100 -101

Invited Review

Potatoes, Nutrition and Health

Katherine A. Beals…Pages 102 -110

Invited Review

Potato Vitamins, Minerals and Phytonutrients from a Plant Biology Perspective

Duroy A. Navarre, Charles R. Brown…Pages 111- 126

Invited Review

Potato Starch: a Review of Physicochemical, Functional and Nutritional Properties

John H. Dupuis, Qiang Liu…Pages 127 -138

Invited Review

The Contribution of Potatoes to Global Food Security, Nutrition and Healthy Diets

Ramani Wijesinha – Bettoni, Beatrice Mouille…Pages 139 – 149

Correction to: The Contribution of Potatoes to Global Food Security, Nutrition and Healthy Diets

Ramani Wijesinha – Bettoni, Beatrice Mouille …Page 150

Original Research

The Nutritional Contribution of Potato Varietal Diversity in Andean Food Systems: a Case Study

Stef de Haan, Gabriela Burgos, Reyna Liria…Pages 151-163

Invited Review

Potato: an Anti-Inflammatory Food

Lavanya Reddivari, Tianmin Wang, Binning Wu…Pages 164 -169

Invited Review

Beneficial Effect of Potato Consumption on Gut Microbiota and Intestinal Epithelial Health

Shima Bibi, Duroy A. Navarre, Xiaofei Sun, Min Du…Pages 170 -176

Invited Review

Potatoes for Targeting Colon Cancer Stem Cells

Jairam K. P. Vanamala…Pages 177-182

Invited Review

Effects of Cooking Methods on Nutritional Content in Potato Tubers

Sastry S. Jayanty, Kalita Diganata, Bough Raven…Pages 183-194

Invited Review

Improving Flavor to Increase Consumption

Wayne L. Morris, Mark A Taylor…Pages 195 -200

Invited Review

Potato as a Source of Nutrition for Physical Performance

Mitch Kanger, Chelsea Elkin…Pages 201 – 205

Invited Review

Nutritional and Economic Prospects for Expanded Potato Outlets

John Bamberg, Gina Greenway…Pages 206 -215